La question
Ne se pose pas
Il y a trop de vent

Who I am

My name’s Guillaume Hammadi. I’m French, early 30s. I write software as a daily job and I’m lucky to be passionate about it. When away from keyboard, I most probably ride a mountain bike, charge on a snowboard in some deep fresh snow or hanging somewhere in the mountains.

I'm passionate by a lot of things. One of them is Photography. You can have a look at my 10 favorite shots of New Zealand landscape

I hold a Master’s Degree in computer engineering and another one in Mechanical Engineering, both aquired in France.

When I was a student, I had one dream: I wanted to spend a year in Sweden. Well, I did it. And enjoyed it much! I came back in France in 2004. Since then, I’ve had one desire.

Leave again. This desire is now live, and here is my story.

By the way, you can contact me on :