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icroissants home page

Simple internal project designed to help us have a steady flow of cakes, croissants and sweet food at least once a week.

I integrated the graphic designer's layouts, experienced with CSS3 capabilities and refreshed my Javascript knowledge on this project.


EIME designer page

Environmental Improvement Made Easy. Development was not! A huge web based data cruncher. This is an environmental assessment tool, which quantifies the impact of building anything. It takes into account a product life cycle from the resources mining to its recycling, burning or landfilling.

I worked on almost any and every part of this tool. From front-end integration to low level SQL requests optimization, deployment and everything inbetween. home page

Real estates web application. From estimate to sale management. Design changed all the time.

I mostly worked on the front-end cross browser compliance.


Kermitt assets page

A few different projects there, all executed in a totally autonomous context. Helpdesk, digital assets management and internal visual messaging system.

I did everything. From conception meetings to basic icon design to deployment.