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Tools and skills

Opinionated Software Developer

Once upon a time I was a mechanical engineer. But during the programme, I fell in love with computers. Since then, I completely switched working branch. Today, I'm a seasoned software developer.

I’ve got strong opinions. Principles, one could say. I’m convinced it’s a quality.

So, no, I don't like loosy IDEs (as in slow and buggy, nothing against IDEs by themselves) and working on a Windows workstation. I'm not a huge fan of Java either. Not that I have a thorough experience with it (far from it), but as a user, all the applications I've used were either slow or creeped by ugly UIs. I'm a convinced Apple geek and expert with Mac OS X, even if I don't mind gaming on a Windows machine or deploying an application on a linux server. But when it comes to developing for the web, I'll go TextMate (Sublime Text, recently!) and command line.

I love tools. I love when a simple one fits one particular task. and guess what, I know my toolbox.

Agility and teamplay

Process? Yes of course. But please, let's not consider anything is taken for granted. I'm a Certified Scrum Master and advocate of eXtreme Programming practices.

I like sharing what I know and learning from others. I've always worked in an Agile context, with more and more success over the years. I've had a successful first experience as a team manager before coming to New Zealand and am seriously considering exploring this path in the next months / years.


Here's a list of some of the tools I've at least used a few times and considered using again (for quality, speed, ease of use / deployment, elegance, it may vary). I'm mostly motivated by agility / Web development / BDD / UI conception, however, and this list is already obsolete.

  • Ruby, Rails 2 and 3, Cucumber, Rspec, Git
  • CSS and HTML, HAML and Sass
  • Adobe Creative Suite, Balsamiq mockups, Omnigraffle, Paper prototyping
  • Bash, Apache
  • Capistrano, Heroku, Chef
  • Cocoa / Obj-C
  • Javascript, JQuery, Sproutcore
  • Symfony (PHP with conventions... Yeay!)
  • Jekyll

Foreign languages

I'm a native French speaker and billingual in English. I can hold a conversation in Spanish too.